Information about our Project

What is Grimace?

Grimace Coin ($GRIM) is an ERC-20 token on the Ethereum blockchain. It is a digital currency designed to bridge the gap between cryptocurrency and people from all over the world. This will be done by leveraging the nostalgia of the Grimace character with Web3 centered protocols and products. At the foundation of the $GRIM token will be utility and blockchain functionality. This will provide its community with captivating social connection and financial incentives.


Grimace Coin distinguishes itself by token utility and a broad appeal to investors. One priority the development team has is to provide a platform for individuals entering the cryptocurrency market for the first time, while also capturing the attention of the current investing landscaping. This will be done through its community and innovation. The community $GRIM investors will be joining has immersive plans for a world centered around the character Grimace. Genesis NFT collections, Play-to-Earn gaming fully building out a Metaverse with the Grim character as its centerpiece are being miticulously developed and build by the core team.

Our Commitment

Delivering tangible utility into our NFT collections which will leverage the robust revenue streams of Web3 and the Metaverse will be rolled out and brought to market for our holders and community to ensure we always deliver tangible utility to our supporters. Our number one goal is to continue to innovate and build out all products and value opportunities for the Grimace Coin community so they not only are satisfied with their personal investment monetarily, but also where our community chose to allocate equally valuable and finite resources beyond money, and that's time and energy and want to contribute and grow and be present within the Grim ecosystem.


Our progress for the future

Project Launch
  • Stealth Project Launch
  • Telegram Group Buildout
  • Twitter Page Buildout
  • Etherscan Verification
  • Dextools Profile Verified
  • Dextools Top 5 Trending
  • CT-Focused Launch Marketing
  • CMC & CoinGecko Verified Listing
  • Formal Release of White Paper
  • Reach 800 #GrimmyGang Holders
  • Stabilized @ $5M Market Cap
Stage 1: Legitimacy
  • Marketing & PR Agencies
  • Instagram Page Buildout
  • Grimmutants NFT Minting
  • Grimopoly P2M Game Release
  • Rollout of Grimace Coin & NFT Staking
  • CMC & CG Top 10 Trending
  • Dextools top 3 Trending
  • ‘The GRIMMYs’ Award Show
  • Grimopoly P2M Game Release
  • Reach 2,500 #GrimmyGang Holders •
  • Updated Site Domain/Relaunch
  • Listings on DeFi Swaps
  • Stabilized @ $10M Market Cap
Stage 2: Expansion
  • 30,000 Twitter Follower Target
  • 10,000 Instagram Follower Target
  • ‘Who Wants to be a Grimmillionaire’
  • 90’s & 00’s Cultural Icons NFT Mint
  • Staking Available, Expand into DeFi
  • GriMTV Release, GMTV Spring Break
  • Grimchella & Grimmypalooza events
  • Mission: Grimpossible Competition
  • Merch (Grimmy Babies/Bears/Packs)
  • Reach 5,000 #GrimmyGang Strong
  • Stabilized @ $25M Market Cap
  • CEX Listings: Gate.io, HotBit.io
Stage 3: Mainstream
  • 100,000 Twitter Follower Target
  • 50,000 Instagram Follower Target
  • Tier 1 Centralized Exchange Listings
  • Fiat On-Ramp Launched on Website
  • Mainstream Ambassador Onboards
  • Grimtendo 64 On-Chain Gaming
  • ‘The Grimpsons’ Animated TV Series
  • Grimmyland Metaverse Theme Park
  • Reach 20,000 #GrimmyGang Strong • Formally Updated Project Roadmap
  • Stabilized @ $100M Market Cap

These are our Tokenomics

TOTAL TOKEN : Number Grimace Coin

Buy Tax 10%


3% to the Marketing wallet

2% to the develop the Project

Liquidity Pool
5% to the Liquidity

Sell Tax 14%


7% to the Marketing wallet

2% to develop the Project

Liquidity Pool
5% to the Liquidity Pool

How to buy

This is how you buy $GRIM

Install Trustwallet
Connect your wallet to Uniswap
Send some ETH from Binance to your Ethereum Address.
Fill in the $GRIM token adress:
Now you can swap your ETH for Grimace Coin!


You can find us on

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